Gamma Spectrometers | SEG-001 “AKP-S”-150


Gamma-spectrometer SEG-001 “AKP-S”-150 is designed for determination of qualitative and quantitative composition of gamma-emission radionuclides in environmental objects, agricultural products, food products, construction materials, radioactive waste.


Minimum measured concentration for 137Cs by 1 hour exposition, Bq/kg:
1 L vessel   0.9
0.5 L vessel   1.1
0.16 L vessel 3.6
“denta” vessel 0.13 L 4.1
Limit of the permissible principal error of measurement for “1L” geometry and CP 0.95, % 25
Number of analyzer channels, not less than 1024
Operating condition determination time, min 30
Continued operation time, hours 24
Power consumption 220V, 50Hz
Consumable power 250 Wt



Low own background of the installation and high efficiency of the detector allow use of the instrument  for the products certification.

Convenient shield design facilitates operation of the equipment.