The gamma-radiation survey dosimeter“Rhythm -1M”

Dosimeter “Rhythm -1M” has successfully passed the State acceptance tests and entered into register No Y 1546-01 of measuring equipment admitted for use in Ukraine.

The instrument has a wide range of advantages:

  • The combination in one instrument of survey and dosimetric functions;
  • High sensitivity and the ability to measure small values of power of equivalent dose - "Rhythtm-1M" is the first in Ukraine instrument certified in range of 0.01 µSv/hr (1µR/hr);
  • The possibility of quick measurements and quick survey - setting time and time of response to the anomaly makes up 0.5 seconds;
  • Accurate measurements and detection of small anomalies with time of filter 50 second;
  • Audible signalling with a pitch of tone depending on the radiation power - in all ranges of instrument operation;
  • Using a miniature headset in noisy environments;
  • High contrast and considerable size of backlit display (digit height - 12.7 mm);
  • Battery power with a quick charger;
  • Small weight and dimensions;

The dosimeter is used:

Operational experience of these instruments has shown high efficiency of survey mode , speed and accuracy of dosimetry mode. With the help of instrument "Rhythm 1" there are detected radiation dirty pieces of scrap, radioactive spots, lost sources of ionizing radiation and other radiation-hazardous materials.

The delivery set of instrument includes the following: a measuring unit with digital display and backlight, the detection unit with a protective cover, grip detector, headset, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, unit of power supply and battery charger, a bag for measuring unit, container, set of operational documentation.

Short technical characteristics of the device:
Measurement range of power of equivalent dose of gamma radiation From 0.01 to 19,990 µSv/ h
Operational range of energy of gamma-radiation 0,05 ... 3 MeV
The limits of permissible major relative error ±15%
Energy dependence ±25%
Time for setting up operational mode 1 second
Switchable time for setting up readings of measurement 0,5; 1; 2; 10; 50 second
Material of Detector NaI ø40×40
Version of detector unit Sealed
Sensitivity - not less than 800 c-1/µSv/h (Cs137)
The dosimeter is sensitive to neutron radiation
Audible alarm - threshold, with variable frequency, adjusted volume and with digital display of  threshold setting
Time of continuous battery life  There is provided automatic disconnection of supply , when battery is discharged 20 hours
The dosimeter is resistant to vibrations and shocks with a peak acceleration of 150 m/s2
Operating temperature range -20 ... + 50 °C
Mass of working set 1,7 kg
Overall dimensions of measuring unit 160×60×160
Overall dimensions of detector unit ø55×240

Using the new device for control of radiation purity of goods enables to improve significantly production capacity due to high sensitivity and speed of measurement. For the rapid detection of radiation contamination, you can perform control "on- the -fly" with measurement time of 0.5 seconds. You can estimate the radiological purity of food and construction materials for a measurement time of 50 seconds. In new instrument is implemented convenient and efficient searching mode with accompanying sound. The pitch of the sound increases with the dose rate and the search may be conducted without looking at the display and without losing land navigation. In noisy environments there is used miniature headset, which can be worn under a cap (in cold weather or for covert surveillance). At night, LED backlit of a digital liquid crystal display is used. LCD is sufficiently contrast and easy to read in any light and temperature.