Instruments for NPP's SEG-001m "АКP-S"-SRAW


The spectrometer for determine the activity of radionuclides of solid non-sorted radioactive wastes in primary packages on places of formation of radioactive wastes.


Spectrometers of gamma – radiation, such as SEG-001m "АКP-S"-SRAW depending on completeness can be applied to determine the activity of radionuclides of:


determined radionuclides composition  137Cs,  134Cs,  60Co,  58Co,  54Mn,  59Fe, 124Sb, 51Cr, 110mAg
the range of measured energies of gamma-radiation, keV 100-3000
the range of measurements of total activity corresponds to the activity of SRW of the first and second groups, kBq/kg 2 × 101-5 × 107
the energy resolution on the line 661.66 keV, % 7,3
the limit of admitted basic error of the transformation characteristic (integrated nonlinearity) in an energy range 200 3000 keV, % ±0,6
the limit of an admitted basic error for measurement of activity for geometry "Marinelli 1 l", %. ±25
minimal measured activity (at confidential probability 95 % during measurement 10 minutes) for a radionuclide, not more, kBq:
for 137Cs 20
for 60Со 10
imits of an admitted error for measurement of total activity, Р=0,95, not more, % 45
the limit of an admitted additional error for measurement of activity caused by change of voltage of the power supply in an interval 220±22 V, % ±5
the power supply of a spectrometer from the network of an alternating current:
Voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
number of channels 1024
time of establishment of a working mode, minutes 30


The soft ware provides the spectrometer control, processing of the spectrometer information, output of results on the liquid crystal indicator and printer, transfer of measurements results to a database.

The original methodical approach to measurements of the Russian Academy of Science and the algorithms of processing, which are introduced in the software, allow to determine the activity and isotope structure of radioactive wastes, including also non-sorted SRAW, which are placed in packages and containers of any form.

On the basis of the input data the soft ware provides: