Command-staff Vehicle "KUSHETKA-B"

Command-staff Vehicle

"Kushetka-B" for 1.201.014 is a command-staff vehicle mounted on the transport base of BTR-80 that provides HF and VHF communication while moving and at a stop.

"Kushetka-B" offers continuous 48 - hours operation under the following conditions:

-   operating temperature 223 K - 323 K (-50°C to +50°C);

-   air humidity not more 98%, when temperature is not more 298 K (25°C);

-   low atmospheric pressure not less 6x104 Pa (450 mm of mercury);

-   vibration up to 300 Hz.

"Kushetka-B" is furnished with equipment of the third and fourth generation. Field of application- tactical link of non-automated and automated control systems.

We are ready to work out and produce command-staff vehicles with any other communication facilities and equipment on the transport base to the Buyer's option.


"Kushetka-B" provides:

-   internal communication;

-   official traffic;

-   telephone radio communication through radio sets from the work places of radio operators and subscribers;

-   data exchange through radio sets and through telephone channel;

-   communication through long distance line;

-   data exchange through long distance line;

-   telephone radio communication through outer radio set of medium power;

-   serviceability of antenna erecting device for broad band antennas of vertical radiation;

-   serviceability of electricity supply systems.