Charging Unit ZP-11

Charging Unit ZP-11

Charging Unit ZP-11 is designed to pro­vide charge and discharge of accumulator battery of manpack VHF tactical radio P-005U in the field and stationary conditions.

Gang Charging Unit C-1004 is used to provide charge and discharge of several accumulator batteries of VHF tactical radio P-005U.


Types of accumulator batteries:

-  nickel cadmium battery with nominal voltage of 24V and capacity 5 A/h;

-  lithium-ion battery with nominal voltage 28,8V and capacity of 7,8 A/h;

Opertion modes of Charging Unit:

-  charge;

-  discharge (only for nickel-cadmium batteries)

The "charge" mode switches on automatically after battery connection to charging unit. The charge of accumulator batteries is performed by direct current. The value of charging current - (1,8 ± 0,2) A. Maxi­mum charging time - 7 hours.

Accumulator batteries discharge in "discharge" mode with further automatic switching to "charge" mode. Discharge is performed on the load with resistance 14,1 Ohm ± 10 % for each of the two sections of accumula­tor battery.

Power supply:

-  AC (nominal voltage - 220V, range from 180 to 264V, frequency-50 Hz with deviations from 45 to 63 Hz).

-  DC (nominal voltage - 27V, range from 18 to 36V).

Temperature range: -10°C....+50°C

Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 220x300x200 mm.

Weight: 6 kg.

Mean-time-between-failures is not less than 10000 hours.

Operation life is not less than 20 years.