Charging Units C-1001 And C-1002

Charging Units (CU) C-1001 and C-1002

Charging Units (CU) C-1001 and C-1002 are designed to charge one or two blocks of batteries of portable VHF tactical radio R-002 in field and stationary conditions.

Charging of block of batteries starts au­tomatically after it has been installed into the Charging Unit. During the charging, indica­tor "CHARGE" is on. When charging is over, charge indicator is off.

OF PARAMETER C-1001 C-1002
Operating supply voltage, V 12 or 27 12 or 27
Extreme voltage deviation, V 10-36 10-36
Capacity , W, not more 15 30
Number of simultaneously charged blocks of batteries, pieces. 1 2
Charge mode DC, dc voltage DC, dc voltage
Maximum charging current, A 1,0±0,3 1,0±0,3
Maximum charging voltage, V 8,3±0,2 8,3±0,2
Maximum charging time, hrs, not more 4 4
Overall dimensions, mm,:    
- length 172 272
- width 110 110
- height 105 105
Weight, kg 1,6 2