Digital Automatic Communication Switchboard System (DACS) K-201

Digital Automatic Communication Switchboard  System (DACS) K-201

Digital automatic communication switch­board system is intended for providing phone conversation and transmitting data thanks to formation digit and analog channels, their switching and data transferring through field cables (wire and fiber optics), radio-relay, tro­posphere and satellite systems


-   Connection of 2 or 8 Mbps, tone frequency channel, FLBI interface, physical bussing to 6 group flows;

-   Terminals: Telephone (voice and digit ISDN), telephone and telegraph special equipments, PC (through router), radio/wireless gateway;

Subscriber capacities:

-   Analog subscribers - up to 48 LB and CB;

-   ISDN digital subscribers- up to 48, or

-   Basic digital channels - up to 30; Connection capacities:

-   Analogues 2 wires and 4 wires connection lines - up to 30;

-   Digital connection lines E2 - not less 6;

-   Digital connection lines E1 - not less 6;

-   FLBI interface: up to 36;

-   Switching field capacities is 64x64 E1;

-   Network capacity on DACS basis is 80 000 subscribers;

-   Numbering system: 5-digits continuous numbering; 13-digits;

-   4-7-digits public network; STANAG 4214, floating;

-   Five priority levels for Switch subscribers;

-   Possible mode SOLO USER and wideband from 128 up to 1920 Kbps; Controlling:

-   Signalization: systematical, DSS1, R2D;

-   By PC through RS-232 or through net;

-   Through Ethernet 10/100 Base-T;

Power supplying:

-   AC: 182...242 V, 43...65 Hz. Rating value is 220 V, 50 Hz;

-   DC: 18...36 V, protected against mistaken polarity connection; Rating value is 27 V;

-   Power consumption is not more 200 W;

-   Operating temperature range -25°C... +50°C;

-   Operation life is not less 20 years;

-   Overall dimensions (Width-Depth- Height): 560x560x450 mm.

-   Weight not more than 50 kg.