Digital Cable Modem M-101

Digital Cable Modem M-101

Digital Cable Modem M-101 is intended for construction of a high-speed duplex digi­tal communication channel through two-wire and four-wire cable lines between the remote E1 interface devices.

Linear interface SHDSL meets ITU-T G.991.2.bis requirements and it is used for transmitting a linear code Trellis-Coded Pulse

Amplitude Modulation (TCPAM).

Connecting of Field Voice Telephone TA-01 in LB mode for service communication deployment.

Powering of regenerator Controlling from the front panel (keyboards + display with menu system) or from PC through

RS-232 interface.


SHDSL Interface parameters:

-   SHDSL port interface parameters comply with ITU-T G.991.2.bis recommendations;

-   Number of channels: 2;

-   Connection type: point-to-point;

-   Operation mode: two-wire, four-wire;

-   Used cable types: TPP, KSPR MKSB-1.2, P-296, P-274M, PTRK.

-   Line coding: TCPAM;

-   Input and output resistance: 135 Ohm;

-   Transmission data rate range: in two wire mode from 192 to 2304 kBps; in four-wire mode up to 4608;

-   Transmission data rate step: 64 kBps;

-   Communication mode: full duplex;

-   Data transmission mode: synchronous mode, batch mode;

E1 Interface parameters:

-   E1 interface parameters comply with ITU-T (G.703,G.704) recommendations;

-   Interface type and quantity: 2 Balanced;

-   Number of wires in transmission line: 4;

-   Line coding: HDB3, AMI;

-   Transmission data rate: 2048 kBps;

-   Cycling structure (framing): G.704;

-   Super frame: CRC4, CAS;

Power supply:

-   AC: 220 V, 50 Hz (187-242 V, 43-65 Hz);

-   DC: 18...36V (27V);

-   Power consumption is not more than 15 W;

-   Temperature range: -35°C... +50°C;

-   Modem overall dimensions (Width-Depth-Height): 482x349x196 mm.

-   Weight not more than 25 kg.