Ethernet Switch A-101

Ethernet Switch A-101

Ethernet switch A-101 is intended for local area network creation on basis 10/100 Ethernet (10Base-T and 100Base-TX), con­junction and switching data flows, provid­ing user access to local computer net­work's resources.

Switch provides data packet-switch­ing exchange between users and their as­sociations in the local computer network.

Versions of the switch A-101:

- Basic variant (16 connectors for Ethernet ports).

- Upgraded version (14 connectors for Ethernet ports and 2 connectors for optical Ethernet ports).

- Option to be installed on armored objects (14 connectors for Ethernet ports and 2 connectors for optical Ethernet ports).

Ethernet switch A-101 can be installed on stationary and mobile vehicles - vehicles, track-type and wheeled armored carriers, aircrafts, helicopters and the ships.


Operating mode:

-   There are 16 physically independent ports for PC connection to 10/100 Ethernet network by category's 5 UTP and 6 UTP cables with distance up to I00 meters;

-   There are 2 physically independent ports for PC connection to 100 Ethernet network;

-   Transfer speed auto-detection (10 or 100 Mbps), transfer mode's auto-detection (full duplex or half-duplex) and auto-detection of connection cable type (direct connection or cross connection);

-   Maximum quantity of MAC addresses - 65 536;

-   The general buffer memory for storage - up to 1024 Ethernet packets with maximum size of 1536 bytes;

-   Data filtration provided by User MAC address and (or) by message originator; binding to ports that are identi­fied by MAC addresses;

-   Data flow control based on QoS ports and (or) their prioritie and VLAN parameters and VLAN ID tags for switches intercommunication;

-   Ability to create two groups of trunk connections, with up to 4 ports per group;

Power supplying:

-   AC: 115...260 V, 43...65 Hz. Nominal value is 220 V, 50 Hz;

-   DC: 18...36 V, protected against mistaken polarity connection. Nominal value is 27 V;

-   Power consumption - not more than 20 W;

-   Operating temperature range is -35°C..+50°C;

-   Mean-time-between-failures: not less 10 000 hours;

-   Operation life: not less than 20 years;

-   Overall dimensions (Width-Depth-Height): 490 x 490 x 200 mm;

-   Weight: not more than 30 kg.