Private Use Navigation Receiver CN-3003M

Private Use Navigation Receiver CN-3003M

CN-3003M - private use navigation receiver for severe operating conditions.

It provides automatic continuous setting of coordi­nates, speed and moving direction.

It displays the current coordinates in systems of co­ordinates 1942, 1995, in worldwide ellipsoid of 1990, WGS- 84, MGRS, ITRF2000, USK-2000 and UTM, line coordinates in Gauss chart projection, in system, parameters of which are specified by the user.

For en-route traffic it provides input and storage of co­ordinates up to 500 WPT, memorization up to 50 routes (up to 50 WPT in each). CN-3003M identifies and displays an estima­tion of anticipated accuracy of coordinates.


24 receiving channels:


Positional/altitude accuracy

-  in off-line mode (RMS):

Operating temperatures:

Operating increased humidity:



Power supply:

Power consumption:


-  two input-output ports

Built-in and remote antenna.

Algorithm of receiving channel selection

10/15 m

from -20° С tо +50° С

100 % at 25 °С

170х75х44 mm

0,8 kg

accumulator, DC 10-30 V

2,5 W