Router A-201

Router A-201 is designed to provide communication in lAN built on 10Base-T and 1000Base-TX technologies, and digital switching systems with HDB-3 (standard G.703) code.

Router has one 10/100 Ethernet connec­tor (for connection to LAN) and three connectors with ISDN PRI interface (for connection to trans­mission equipments or switch).


Operating mode:

-   Routing: according to IP v4 protocol;

-   Routing protocols: static routing RIPvl, RIPv2;

-   Controlling: SNMP; Telnet; RS-232:

-   Connection: to 3 (three) E1 ports (transparent G.703 or with DSS1 signaling) and 1 (one) Ethernet ports;

-   Baud Rate: Nx64 Kbps through one E1 dataflow;

The router provides a connection of :

-   Automatic digital switching systems;

-   Local area network switches that support 10Base-T or 100Base-TX Ethernet technologies;

-   Network equipment that support 100Base-FX and 1000Base-SX interfaces;

-   Equipment that support SHDSL interfaces.

Ethernet parameters:

-   Full corresponding with IEEE 802.3-2002 requirements (especially with 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX);

-  Automatic detection of data rate (10 Mbps or 100 Mbps);

-  Automatic detection of data transmission mode (full duplex or half duplex); -Operating distance is not less 100 m (Category 5 cable UTP/STP/FTP).

-  Operating distance - not less than 100 m (Category 5 cable UTP/STP/FTP).

ISDN PRI parameters:

-   Data rate for one channel - 2048 Kbps (according to requirements of ITU-T G.703, G.704 and 1.431);

-   Method of physical signal's coding - HDB3;

-   DSS1 signaling (according to requirements of ITU-T Q.920/921 andQ.930/931);

-   Connection type to Telephone exchanger - TE-terminal;

-   Operating distance is not less 600 meters (Category 5 cable UTP/STP/FTP);

Power supply:

-   AC: 115...260 V, 43...65 Hz. Rating value is 220 V, 50 Hz;

-   DC: 18...36 V, protected against mistaken polarity connection Rating value is 27 V;

-   Power consumption not more 20 W;

-   Temperature range-35°C...+40°C;

-   Operation life is not less 20 years;

-   Overall dimensions (Width-Depth-Height): 490x490x110 mm.

-   Weight not more than 23 kg.