GOST 21988-76


Mixture of ammonium nitrate and trinitrotoluene derived from sputtering of molten trinitrotoluene upon the ammonium nitrate granules. Spherical or semispherical granules of up to 5 mm in size contain no visible mechanical impurities or component lumps over 15 mm in size.

Physical and chemical parameters of EXPLOSIVES GRAMMONITE 50/50

Indicator name Rate
Mass fraction of ammonium nitrate, % 50+4-6
Mass fraction of trinitrotoluene, % 50+6-4
Moisture and volatiles content, %, max 0,7
Granulometric composition:
  Sieve residue № 0,9, %, min
Detonation of charges in paper shell of 100 mm
diameter from booster

Application areas:
Used for explosive works at quarries with manual and mechanical loading (but not pneumatic) of dry and wet (dewatered) holes, bore holes and sockets.