2D Surveillance Radar for low-altitude target detection P-190U implements all of the modern design methods.
  P-190U is a result of the longstanding experience of Ukrainian OEMs in manufacturing up-to-date high-tech equipment for Air Defense, Air Force and Air Traffic Control customers from many countries around the globe. Customers who have P-19 radars that have seen their service life expire can now extend it with this P-190U modernization program.


  • full coherence is implemented, due to the significant improvements in radar performance;
  • a wide range of narrow and broadband probing signals enabling radar adaptation to various combat conditions;
  • digital signal processing, including matched filtration, clutter and active jamming suppression, target detection and coordinate measuring, target tracking and data distribution to consumers;
  • practically approved reliable software with user-friendly interface;
  • only COTS components are used from renowned suppliers - this coupled with quality system approval guarantees the high level of reliability.



A range of hardware and software solutions are implemented in the radar P-190U enabling suppression of the following kinds of jamming:

Suppression of pulse noise is implemented in software and enables full suppression of pulse noise.
For suppression of active noise jamming including interfering from TV centres, radios and other sources the following steps are implemented:

Specification Value
  Frequency band 820-890 MHz, 0,4 MHz discreet
  Measured parameters azimuth, range
1 Radar coverage zone:  
min range 1,5 km
max range 300 km
2 Location accuracy:  
range 90 m
azimuth 0,3°
bearing of active jammers 1.5°
3 Resolution:  
range 550 m
4 Jamming immunity:  
4.1 Against active jamming:  
automatic monitoring of jamming conditions and automatic adaptive working frequency hopping 0.4 MHz discreet +
high dynamic range of signal processing system (of the receiver and digital signal processing unit) - 105dB; +
extra expansion of dynamic range (by 30 dB) through automatic gain control; +
4-channel dejammer of active jamming is offered as an option, providing jamming suppression of 32 dB (at SNR of 40 dB) option
4.2 Against passive jamming:  
clutter suppression ratio (factor) not less than 50 dB
working zone of the MTI system 0-300 km, adaptive MTI, clutter map
4.3 Against nonsynchronous pulse jamming: full suppression
5 Target detection mode, tracking:
plots per scan up to 1000
number of tracks up to 150
active jammer tracking up to 36
6 Height-finder control mode: (option) fully automatic, on condition of installation of height-finder extractors
number of controlled height-finders up to 4
7 FA guidance modes and ADMS targeting: (options) +
8 Operating conditions:  
temperature -4O...+50°C
relative humidity 95%
max asl 2500 m
9 Combat crew 3
  Start-up time 40 sec.
10 Set-up/tear down time up to 20 min.
11 Power consumption 5 kW (without air conditioning system)