Signals jammer GPSJ ™

Signal jammer GPSJ ™ is designed for countermeasure with explosive device activated by GPS sourced equipment. GPSJ radiates barraging noises for receivers of GPS signals. These noises can cover radio-route of suppressed GPS devices and have noise effect and can not be eliminated by filtering countermeasures. GPS device active in suppressing mode can not provide proper geographical coordinates. GPSJ is also equipped with three modules. These modules work in broad band mode and cover frequency band of 1100 МHz ÷ 1580 МHz. GPSJ can be guided by car remote control. GPSJ can also operate in static and mobile modes. This device is also equipped electronic protection system.

Technical specifications "GPSJ ™"
Noise signals in the following bands 100 ÷ 1 230 МHz (combat frequency band GPS)
230 ÷ 1 350 МHz (combat frequency band GPS)
520 ÷ 1 580 МHz (civil frequency band GPS)
Initial power, W: >25
Single type: random scanning
Way of suppression Barraging noises
Power supply V 12 / 24 DC
Operation time with motor unlimited
Operational temperature -30°С - +55°С
Remote control unit operated from car
Ability to enable each individual module or all modules
Features f regular electric power "Transmission" / "Reserve"
Personnel protection STANAG2345
Protection distance
Weight 3 kg