Mobile 3d Air Space Surveillance Radar 36d6-m

Mobile 3d Air Space Surveillance  Radar 36d6-m
Mobile 3d Air Space Surveillance  Radar 36d6-m
Mobile 3d Air Space Surveillance  Radar 36d6-m

The mobile 3D air surveillance radar 36D6-M is designed to be used as a part of modern automated Air Defence systems, Anti-Aircraft Missile complexes and to detect low flying air targets under active and passive jamming as well as for Air Traffic Control both for military and civil needs.

Main Advantages of 36D6-M Radar

  • High probability of detection of small air targets, hovered helicopters and targets slowly moving tangentially to the radar
  • Extremely accurate positional information
  • Exceptional interference immunity against jammers of all types
  • Capability of jamming station direction finding
  • Automatic association of echo signals with return signals of the built-in IFF equipment
  • Capability to transmit radar information and targeting over narrow band communication channels
  • High reliability
  • High mobility
  • Extreme stability of transmitter with true coherency

Transportation base and and overall characteristics of 36D6-M

Description Type of body Dimension,mm Weight, t Transport vehicle
Length Width Height
Radar СПП-15 13882 2890 3325 21,54 KrAZ-260B
Power station КП-10 9040 2870 3300 10,8 KrAZ-260

Basic technical data of 36D6-M radar

Operation bandS
Instrumented range90, 180, 360km
Detection range for low flying targets: RCS-1 m2
at flight altitude 50m31km
at flight altitude 100m42km
at flight altitude 1000m110-115km
RCS - 0.1 m2 (cruise missile) at flight altitude 50m27km
Azimuth coverage360°
Elevation coverage0,5°...30°
RPM6 and 12 rev/min
Suppression factor>48 dB
range300m/at range of 90km
Track capability>200tracks
Environmental conditions: