Mobile Coherent-pulse All-round Surveillance Radar "delta"

Mobile Coherent-pulse All-round Surveillance Radar


  «DELTA» is a modern mobile twodimensional pulse coherent solid-state radar for surface and air surveillance, which has got low probability interception of its electromagnetic radiation. It delivers in a fully automatic way the current coordinates of any target located within its detection area.
  This mobile radar could be installed on transport vehicles (automobiles, armored personnel carriers, infantry combat vehicles etc.) which allow arranging its operation in uplands in order to assure necessary viewing conditions.
  «DELTA» analyzes space in azimuth by the continuous rotation of its aerial system, which is mechanically driven.

The radar ensures:

  • automatic detection and tracking of airplanes, helicopters, delta planes, ground and surface targets at any time of day and year, at rain, fog, dust, and sandstorms;
  • recording of selected paths of targets and transmission of data on them to police, border, customs, and security agencies as well as generation of an alarm signal.
  • It is installed on transport facilities (automobiles, armored personnel carriers, infantry combat vehicles, etc.), which in operation are arranged on hills or high places in order to assure necessary viewing conditions.






Frequency I band
Bandwidth 150 Mhz
Coverage up to 96 km - in range
360° - in azimuth
Resolution: 50...60 m - in range
1,0...1,5°- in azimuth
Maximum detection range:
  • small air target 8...20 km
  • small surface target up to horizon
Accuracy 20...40 m - in range
4…6 mrad - in azimuth
Tracking target number up to 50
Noise figure 3dB
Peak Power from 8 W up to 80 W
Pulse width 64; 32; 16; 4 sec
Signal bandwidth about 5 MHz
PRF about 1,4 2,5 3,8 6,7 kHz
Antenna gain 32 dB
Antenna beamwidth 0,8...1,2°-in azimuth
about 10° - in elevation
Polarization horizontal
Rotating rate 20; 10; 5 rpm
Signal processing Digital with PLM
Extracting automatic digital with CFAR
Data processing digital with PLM
Serviceabilitty monitoring fully automatic in work process
Mulfunction detection semi automatic up to plug-in units
Data registration up to 50 trajectories
Interface RS-422; Ethernet; CAN 2.0
Readiness time up to 2 minutes
Power consumption up to 500 W (50 Hz, 220 V)
Equipment mass up to 300 kg