Demagnetization System DS10M

Demagnetization system DS10M is used for a general or local demagnetization of big volume equipment made from ferromagnetic steels and alloys without using traditional solenoids and special coils.
System provides neutralization of residual magnetization after manufacturing of equipment, based on conduction of impulses of electric current varied according to the certain law through material. The technology is most effective for a demagnetization of local elements, when usage of special benches is not possible. The demagnetization in magnetic field of the Earth provides a decrease of magnetic fields of equipment to 0.02-0.05mTl. High quality demagnetization is reached with compensation of an external magnetic field.

System prevents following negative effects:

  • Appearance of  additional electromagnetic force during electric arc welding and  “magnetic blow-out” with metal splatter

  • Trajectory bending of electron beam during  welding of thick-wall steel details that may cause irreversible defects of welding joints

  • Adhering of metal shavings during metal-working of equipment that leads to fast runout of mold tools and low quality of machining