Fire Control System With Active Array Radar “stilet-2“


Optical-radar tracking system "Stilet" in different weather conditions, day and night-time provides:detection in a given sector and automatic tracking of air, surface and coastal targets, shooting management of universal medium-caliber artillery (76 ... 130 mm)

System provides

Frequency band 8,6…9,5 GHz
Autonomous search range:
- maximum elevation coverage 0° to 360°
- in bearing 0° to +50°
- in elevation in the deck frame 0,25 - 50 km
- in range  0° to 360°
Target designation range:
- in bearing 0° to 360°
- in elevation (in the deck frame) 0° to +85°
- in range  – 20° to +120°
anti-ship missile with RCS=0,05 m2 ≥  17 km
aircraft with RCS=1 m2 ≥  50 km

ECCM characteristics

  ECCM from chaff provided by:
- high range and angular coordinates resolution
- high stability of the radar devices parameters
- using coherent signal processing, Doppler filters
- using clutter maps
- using adaptive Doppler-selective CFAR
  ECCM from active noise jamming provided by:
- low antenna pattern sidelobe level
- using coherent sidelobe jammer nulling
- using a wide radar operating frequency band
- automatic analysing of jamming level and choice the least-jammed carrier frequencies
- fast pulse-to-pulse frequency agility
- pseudo-random frequency selection over the frequency band to counter spot jammers
- jammer bearing and elevation measurement and tracking
- using adaptive CFAR
  ECCM from active pulse jamming provided by:
- using levels limiting and pulse compression of broadband pulse jammers
- asynchronous pulse interference suppression in range and Doppler frequency coordinates
- staggered PRF combined with pulse code agility and frequency agility