Integrated Self Defense System For Small Ships “kaskad”

Ship Self Defense System is designed for monitoring of the above-water surface and air situation in the ship coverage zone, air/surface target acquisition, threat assessment and formidable target distribution, target designation in the operator control panel and the control system console of 3М-47 «Gibka» type antiaircraft missile system and the support of the fire gun mount АК-630М (АК-306,АК-176) on the selected targets.


  • Automatic and semi-automatic surface and air target acquisition (airplanes, helicopters, gliders) at any time of day and year, in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, etc.)
  • Registration of the selected target trajectory and data transmission to the target distribution console
  • Prepare-to-fire procedure training
  • Display of the current situation tracked targets on a video monitor (data from the Radar)
  • Indication of the background rates and commands
  • Fire control – appointment of the firing modes, depending on the combat mission and the existing munitions, antenna unit guidance, inclusion of the fire circuit, fire order
  • Training of the fire control operator with the help of built-in training simulator
  • Fire analysis is provided by the data output into the documentation device


Solid-coherent Radar “Delta-M”, including:

- antenna post with RF unit, device DM1.1

- target acquisition Console, device DМ5.1

- target distribution Console (Commander Control unit), device DМ5.2

Fire Control unit (FCU), including:

- operator Control unit АК-630М (АК-306, АК-176), device КМ5.1-1

- device interfacing with the АК-630М (306, АК-176), КМ4.1

- switchboard, device КМ6.2

- power and Control Panel, device DМ7.1


Frequency Range I band
- range 96 km
- azimuth 0...360°
- height 3 km
Maximum detection range:
- pinpoint air targets 25….30 km
- surface targets radio horizon range
Target Location Accuracy:
- range 15…20 m
- azimuth 3…6 mrad
The number of tracked targets up to 50