Mobile Coherent-pulse Surveillance Radar “delta”

DELTA is modern mobile two-dimensional pulse coherent solid-state radar for surface and air surveillance with low probability interception of its electromagnetic radiation. It delivers in a fully automatic way the current coordinates of any target located within its area of detection. This mobile radar could be installed on transport vehicles (automobiles, armored personnel carriers, infantry combat vehicles etc.) which allows arrange its operation in uplands in order to assure necessary viewing conditions. DELTA analyzes the space in azimuth by the continuous rotation of its aerial system, which is mechanically driven.

Main purpose

  • Observation of air and ground situation in the zone of location of particularly important objects
  • Monitoring of economic and customs zones with the aim to prevent smuggling and terrorist actions
  • Radar provides

  • Automatic detection and tracking of airplanes, helicopters, deltaplanes, ground and surface targets at any time of day and year, at rain, fog, dust, and sandstorms
  • Recording of selected paths of targets and transmission of data on them to police, border, customs, and security agencies as well as generation of an alarm signal
  • Main features

  • Solid-state transceiver
  • Digital generation of complex-modulated sounding signals
  • Digital processing of signals and information on paths
  • High efficiency of detection of moving targets on the background of intensive passive interferences
  • Application of nonparametric algorithms of automatic detection, making it possible to get rid of false target blips regardless of the existing interference situation
  • Automatic measurement of coordinates and generation of routes of moving targets
  • Visual display of radar-derived situation on a liquidcrystal screen
  • Automated control of operating modes from a portable computer
  • Documenting of operation results

Radar technical features