MAARS is multimode C-band acquisition radar for surveillance and weapon assignment. System performs automatic detection, track initiation and tracking of surface and air targets. Due to its modular design it can easily be adapted to a customer’s range, resolution and accuracy requirements using existing components. Due to flexible communication interfaces to the combat system or when netted to other sensors, MAARS is suitable for integration with a track management system. The system has multi-beam scanning strategies to satisfy the special requirements of stand-alone radars for corvettes, patrol vessels, minesweepers, minehunters or as the self defense radar on frigates. Specific radar applications are sea skimmer detection with target assignment for closein weapon systems.

Main features

Frequency band C-band (NATO  G-band)
Elevation coverage up to 70°(depending on operational mode)
Height coverage up to 20 km
Operational modes:
Extended Long Range mode instrumental range up to  200 km
Long Range mode instrumental range up to  150 km
Medium Range mode instrumental range up to  100 km
Short Range modes instrumental range up to  60 km
RoReadiness time up to 2 minutes