Multifunctional Radar Complex “MINERAL-ME” Multifunctional Radar Complex “MINERAL-ME”

The multipurpose radar target designation complex «Mineral-ME» provides long-range over-the-horizon detection of the surface targets, reception and processing surface situation data received from tactical group vessels, equipped with «Mineral» type complexes (systems), and also from aircraft and helicopters that transmit data using regular means of radio communication, develops and presents information on target coordinates to missile weapon of a vessel and tactical group vessels, provides guidance for joint combat actions. The complex represents multipurpose information-command-and-control system that operates using heterogeneous data detectors (active, passive, remote air and ship observation posts) within the limits of a unified information field and constitutes an independent mean of over-the-horizon target detection and designation.

Battle tasks

  • Detection and coordinates setting of surface targets in active and passive modes of detection for possible use of weapons
  • Automated acquisition, processing and an information display from PRS (passive radar), ARS (active radar), vessel remote sources of information acquisition equipped with «Mineral-ME» complexes (systems), and information received via regular radio communication means from air remote observation posts (АВНП)
  • Classification of the targets
  • Mutual vectoring (orientation) of vessels combined into a tactical group
  • Automated information exchange between a flagship (FS) and the group vessels (GV)
  • Command and control of joint combat actions (C2JCA) of the vessels

Complex composition:

  • active radar for surface targets detection and target designation (АРЛС)
  • passive radar for surface targets detection and target designation (ПРЛС)
  • station of mutual information exchange, mutual vectoring (orientation) and joint surface targets data processing (station ВЗОИ-ВЗОР)

Integration of various means of target information acquisition stations in a single complex and solving a problem of joint information processing allows to increase operation efficiency of both radio-electronic armament and deployed objects altogether.

Radar Active Passive MEI-MOR
Frequency band I I, G, E/F, D I
Scanning zone Through azimuth 360° 360° 360°
Through range Up to 250 km Up to 450 km Up to 30km
Number of targets tracked Detection mode - Up to 50 targ -
Target detection mode - Up to 10 targ -
Number of targets processed - - Up to 200 targ
Number of interacting ships - - Up to 9 ships

ARS (active radar) ensures

MEI-MOR station ensures

PRS (passive radar) ensures