Underwater acoustic modems are an efficient and reliable underwater communication devices for a variety of subsea applications.
  UAM provides a full-duplex digital communication link using the patented S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) Technology, delivering an excellent bitrate performance and resistant to the challenges of a dynamic subsea environment. Selfadaptive algorithms adjust the S2C parameters in order to maintain the highest bit rate possible in current conditions. UAM utilizes the communication protocol with multiple data management options. A comprehensive set of commands provides a full control over the modems functionality. Additionally, modem settings are software-configurable. A firmware of the preseted modem supports not just addressing and networking options, but also a transmission of commands or highpriority messages, without interrupting the main data flow between modems.
  Underwater acoustic modems are available in a variety of configurations. A selection of housings offers depth level options. The possibility of choise between multiple host connection interfaces and their combinations in order to integrate the instrument is built into every underwater system. An optional Wake-Up module helps to optimize the power consumption for short- and longterm deployments by checking incoming acoustic signals or data on the host interface.