DeViRo “Leleka-100”

UAC DeViRo “Leleka-100” is a program device complex of the autonomous remotely controlled aircraft for performing aero secret services, patrolling, ground map designing with the possibility of sending the operational information and receiving the precise coordinates in real time.
In a complex there is an implemented conception of automized aircraft control during the whole flight time that simplifies the operator’s work and allows concentrating on the analysis of operational information coming from the board of UAC. There is also a possibility of combined aviating that contains partial operator intervention that can direct the device in desired direction by joystick. After the operator finished the intervention the device continues its route programmed in advance.
The UAC control is performed on the encrypted digital radio channel that allows receiving telemetry data during the whole flight time. The operator can track on the satellite map the UAC location, adjust the route, and command the emergency return to the take-off point or program any other landing point if needed.
UAC allows receiving the video data in PAL of 720x576 permitting capacity in real time. The video translation is performed in encoded form that excludes the possibility of intercepting by standard video receivers; moreover, the video-signal coming from UAC board contains neither data, nor flight telemetry, nor GPS. Thus, in case of intercepting or decoding the location of UAC and operators is not revealed. The telemetry dаta: flight altitude, direction and distance to home, GPS coordinates, etc, are shown on the ground equipment and thus can’t be intercepted. Optionally the UAC can be equipped with digital system of video transmission along with signal encoding on the basis of high-resistance crypt –algorithm.
There is a video recording on the board in the following form: 1080P 30FPS FULL HD that on landing can be used for more detailed study and making zoomed snapshots of the locality. Moreover, there can also be installed a separate photo-camera that is programmed for taking photos in preset time or on the command from the autopilot system.

Size of the aircraft
2000 mm / 1100 mm
Take-off weight of the aircraft
4,5 kg
Airframe material
Composite ERO-fiberglass/ glass fiber hydrocarbon
The maximum flight altitude
1500 m
Cruising speed
60-80 km per year
Time in the air
Up to 3 hours (with battery capacity 16000 mAh)
Guaranteed length of the route
110 km (with battery capacity 16000 mAh) in conditions of severe weather conditions and head wind
Maximum length of the route
180 km (with battery capacity 16000 mAh) in conditions of wind speed up to 7m/sec and route optimization
Airplane control
A powerful two-way digital channel with encoding and receiving the telemetry data
Flight management system (basic completing)
An autopilot of full autonomy mode and possibility of manual correction of flight mission
Inertial flight management system (additional option)
Multimode autopilot with combined inertial GPS/SINS/AHRS system (not linear system of precise GPS/SINS/AHRS algorithm that is automatically switched to inertial AHRS mode to provide the flight safety in case of blocking GPS signal)
Navigation system
GPS/Glonass, compass, laser altimeter, barometer altitude sensor
Visual mode of satellite map
Brushless electrical engine 600 W
Moto-device power supply
Lithium-polymer accumulator 22,2 V capacity 10000-20000 mAh
Video camera
Possibility of distant management, gyroscopic stabilization in two areas, gyroscopic stabilization in three areas, tenfold distant controlled optical zoom (additional option)
Video data form
720x576 in the real time mode 1080P 30FPS FULL HD-on-board recording
On-board translation
High quality powerful channel in 720X576 size, stable translation on the distance up to 40 km., with video-signal coding that excludes the possibility of intercepting by standard video receiver
Video data geo form
According with the system GPS/Glonass with receiving the exact geographical coordinates
Thermal Imager (additional option)
384x288 size, 50 Hz, human detection 820-1140 m 640x480 size, 50 Hz, human detection 820-1140 m
The complex can be adapted on the customer’s demand

Aircraft unit
Ground equipment unit
Portable computer with software
Online viewing and video data recording with 19 inches LCD monitor unit
Power glider storage battery (DeViRo LiPo 11.1v 16000 mAh)
Radio -electronic device battery (LiPo 11.1v 1000 mAh)
Universal charging device
Transformer 12v-220v 500w
Shipping box
Repair kit and spare parts kit
The set can be adapted on the customer’s demand

The example of photo taken on the board of UAC DeViRo “Leleka-100” during the flight on the altitude of 550m on the training ground

The example of photo taken on the board of UAC DeViRo “Leleka-100” during the flight on the altitude of 650m in the ATO zone
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