Surveillance And Reconnaissance Uav «r-100»

R-100 executes a real-time observation and is used daytime, in the night, in condition of bad visibility or its full absence. On board are fixed day, night, IR cameras or scanners. Videodataand telemetry is transmitted on point of control (or the other user) real-time or may recorded 
onboard. The flights can be executed under program, or in mode of the remote control by operator. Time of preparing R-100 to flight not more than 5 minutes. Take-off – from catapult,landing – to net, with parachute (emergency mode) or on small ground area.
• Possible side wind under take-off – 10 m/sek.
• Lenght of start catapult – 3-6 m
• Landing grid-trap – 2,5 * 6 m
• Dimensions – 1,8 * 1,4 m
Power plantOne cylinder 
2,5 h.p
Two cylinders 
3,5 h.p.
One cylinder 
6 h.p.
Two cylinders 
12 h.p.
Endurance of flight (hours), up to4322
Weight of gasoline (kg), up to4689
Payloads (kg), up to35810
Speed (km/hour)45-19050-22060-29070-400
Max. Take-off weight (kg)14182535
Max. Altitude of flight (m)2000250040005000
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