Unmanned Aircraft Complex «vorobey-m Vtol»

Unmanned Aircraft Complex «VOROBEY-M VTOL»
Vertical take-off and landing miniature unmanned air vehicle. The portable unmanned aerial system based on a «Vorobey-M VTOL» («Sparrow-M VTOL») mini-UAV performs a wide range of surveillance and reconnaissance missions for support of antiterrorist and emergency operations within the industrial and urban environment. The air vehicle can be equipped with photographic, television, infrared and acoustic equipment along with radiation, chemical and other special sensors of modular design. 
«Vorobey-M VTOL» mini-UAV characteristic features:
• Vertical take-off and landing
• Ability of hovering over an observable object
• Permanent operation availability
• Full autonomy and simplicity of operation
• Stealthy deployment
• Up to 10 km mission range

The air vehicle can take off and land vertically at unprepared constricted areas and is able to cruise on the route, loiter over a designated area for a long time and hover in a defined airspace location. The capability of UAV hand launch and recovery is envisioned.
Equipped with lift-cruise electric power plant, the «Vorobey-M VTOL» mini-UAV has integrated aerodynamic layout. Its airframe is made entirely of modern composite materials.
The small size of the air vehicle and low noise of its electric power plant provide stealthy deployment. Two aircraft together with the ground equipment get packed into a single small portable container.
The navigation, control and management systems provide the aircraft flight control and its onboard equipment operation, in either a pre-programmed autonomous or an automated remotemode. The mission plan can be reprogrammed during the flight. The command-telemetry and video channels provide two-way radio communication between the UAV and ground controlstation.
Due to the considerable automation, the UAV system is easy to operate and can perform complex surveillance and reconnaissance missions under day-time and night-time conditions without the operator having special flight skills.

Technical characteristics
Length overall600 mm
Height overall200 mm
Wing span1050 mm
Maximum take-off weight3.0 kg
Maximum payload weight0.3 kg 
Engine typeelectric
Engine power600 W
Flight speeds:
– max level
– cruising
– loitering
160 km/h
90 km/h
30÷65 km/h
Maximum rate of clim12 m/s
Service ceiling3000 m
Maximum endurance:
– in loitering mode
– in cruising mode
– in hovering mode
45 min
30 min
15 min
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