Patriot RV010

The unmanned aerial system (UAS) «PATRIOT RV010» is the smallest among their counterparts in Ukraine. It is designed for execution of the wide range of tasks at a distance of 30 km. The combination of the small size with a specially developed variant of coloring makes the aircraft almost invisible. The small mass-dimensional characteristics of the complex allow transporting it by both automotive engineering and the foot-borne way. The complex is deployed for a combat use in 7.5 minutes only.
The UAVs’ control system allows performing a flight in accordance with both pre-set program and ground station commands, or through a combination of these modes. The basic system set consists of two UAVs, ground command module, radio module, and service kit. The unique engineering solutions allow quick creating of a vehicle that is several times cheaper than the other counterparts.

  • Aerial reconnaissance
  • Artillery fire adjustment
  • High Altitude radio relay for ground communication systems and other UAVs
  • The reference air target for radar systems equipment calibration and for the study of the UAVs fighting systems operation
  • Geographic areas monitoring (immediate wildfires detection on the fields and forests, etc.)
  • Monitoring of environmental and radiation situations
Tactical radius30 km
Cruise speed70km/hour
Flight duration2 hours
Operating temperaturefrom -20 o C up to + 45 °C
Control and command systempre-programmed (according to the specified coordinated) and manually controlled (visual screen flight)
Operational altitude100 – 2000 m
Maximum takeoff weight3,5 kg
Payload weight300 g
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