The unmanned aerial system (UAS) is designed for execution of a wide range of tasks at a distance of 40 km. The original technical solutions allow quick creating of an aerial vehicle that is several times cheaper than its counterparts.

The control system allows performing a flight in accordance with both a pre-set program or ground station commands, as well as in combination of such modes.


  • Tactical reconnaissance tasks
  • Detection of targets for the artillery
  • Artillery fire adjustment, reconnaissance of the strikes results
Maximum takeoff weight 5,5 kg
Payload quickly replaceable daylight or thermal- imaging optical systems
Tactical radius up to 40 km
Operating temperature from -25 o C to +40 o C
Operational height 800 – 1000 m
Cruise speed 60-70 km/hour
Flight duration more than 2 hours
Engine electric-powered
Data transmission digital control telemetering data line, analogue data-transmission line