«Observer-S» is a multi-purpose system intended for the aerial surveillance, photo and video filming with using the automatic flight mode along a specified trajectory and automatic take-off/landing mode.

The system allows conducting the aerial reconnaissance in the interests of armed forces, monitoring of environment and infrastructure facilities, executing search and rescue operations, protecting extended facilities (state borders, pipelines, railway and autoroads, power transmission lines) etc.

The system includes: two unmanned aerial vehicles, ground control station, antenna equipment, a set of batteries for UAV, battery-charging station, technological console for the pre-flight inspection, a set of spare parts and auxiliary equipment for minor repairs in the field conditions.

UAS has a high degree of mobility. The whole kit may be stored inside an off-road vehicle. If necessary, the system can be transported by a group of four people.

Flight duration 90-140 min
Flight distance 60-120 km
Distance from the reference point 15-30 km
Data link range 15-30 km
Data link Digital data channel of 930-945 MHz carrier frequency, PPRF (pre-programmed radio frequencies) are used
Video channel high-frequency AV channel
Video channel range up to 30 km
Propulsive device commutatorless synchronous electric engine
Payload 2 - 2,5 kg