The system is designed for the aerial reconnaissance at a distance up to 20 km. Wingspan up to 980 mm significantly increases its flight characteristics comparing with the other systems of this category. Due to small dimensions and used materials it remains invisible both for visual observation and for radar systems.

“Sparrow” is quickly deployed, reliable in operation, resistant to mechanical and thermal effects, protected from moisture. The control is performed both in manual and in automatic modes, including automatic takeoff and landing. Complex is able to determine the coordinates of objects.

Maximum takeoff weight 3,3 kg
Payload 0,5 kg
Tactical radius in on-line data transmission mode up to 20 km
Operating temperature from -30 o C to +40 o C
Maximal altitude 1500 m
Speed 60-110 km/hour
Total flight range 50 km
Flight duration 60 min
Engine electrical commutatorless motor
Data transmission encryption coding, PPRF (pre-programmed radio frequencies)
Navigation Global Navigation Satellite System