DRAGONFLY-1603 main purpose is performing short range RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition) missions over hostile terri- tory both within and outside of line of sight from the ground station.


Maximum speed of level flight, km/h 120
Cruising speed, km/h 80
Stall speed (wiht level stall with max take off weight) km/h 40
Maximum flight range, km 70
Maximum flight duration, hour 2
Maximum flight altitude, m 150
Service celling, m 2000
Rate of climb near the ground, m/s 5
Tale-off distance to a height of 15 m 100
Launching manner Hand launch
Landing manner Deep stall landing
Data link range for AGL 600 m, km 25
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 3.4
Payload, kg 0.4