Operated by 1 or 2 persons depending on mission complexity. 15 min deployment from the stowed position. Automatic takeoff and landing. Flying the route with the possibility of changing the route during the mission. Radio silence mode flight. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS support.

Autonomous optical navigation system (optical flow). Autonomous flight and return to the home point without using satellite navigation systems. AES256 encrypted command line, reserved digital command line. Automatic targeting and automatic static and moving target tracking. Camera guided flight mode.

Advanced antenna complex with stepping motor antenna tracker. Ability to carry out the mission while driving. Improved analyst software workplace with augmented reality based on ArcGIS software. Integration with artillery fire control system.

Type flying wing
Materials fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar;
Wingspan 2050 mm;
Length 900 mm;
Power unit electric motor
Power supply Li-Po/Li-ion batteries up to 42000 mAh
Range up to 50 km
Flight time more then 3 hours *
Cruise speed 65 km/h
Maximum speed 130 km/h
Flight distance up to 200 km
Flight modes semiautomatic guided, autonomous, camera guided mode
Practical ceiling 2500 m
Wind speed during mission up to 15 m/s
Takeoff weight 5,5 kg
Two way launch elastic or mechanical catapult
Two way landing parachute (normal) or on landing skid

* in normal weather conditions