Technical parameters

Flight time approx. 03 hours
Flight range 160 km (from take-off till landing, with 5% battery charge left, LI-PO batteries
Flight range using Li-ION high current batteries up to 240 km
Radio channel distance 55 km
Maximum height 3000 m
Deployment time 15 min
Evac time 5 min
Take-off weight 6 kg
Wingspan 3,5 m
Thermal image camera available
Daytime camera available
Parachute landing available
Landing controlled by operator available
Automatic en-route flight ensured
Take-off semi-automatic, off hand
Inertial system ensured
Encrypted control channel ensured
Encrypted video channel under testing

Flying at night
Take off with the wind speed of 10 m / sec
Does not require a catapult, launch is made by hand
Custom software for coordinates positioning, opera- tional data processing programs

Antenna complex:

Includes two antennas 433 mHz and 1080 GHz, two tripods, cables in protective sheath.

Ground control system:

Includes two working places, one for UAV operator, and second one for data analytic. Working places can work autonomously for the period of 12 hours.

Battery charging unit:

A case with 2 channels charger, allows to charge two batteries of any type simultaneously. Powered by a 220V - 12V.


Li-ION high current batteries (which are better than LI-PO batteries in terms of weight and capacity).

 Portable weather station:

Includes tripod, anemometer (wind meter), wind direction indicator and temperature indicator.

Transportation bags:

Are designed in a way so that they can be equipped as a backpack and also be worn as a bag. Bag includes 02 planes and antenna complex.

GoPro 4 video camera
FLIR TAU thermal imager

Radio channels:
Video transmittance - AV 1080 GHz (digital radio channel 2.4 GHZ or 5.8 GHZ optional)
Telemetry - Link 433 mHz,
Manual control – 2.4 GHz (2 km distance), additional
LRS 433 mHz is possible for ensuring of manual control at distances up to 40 km.

Standard supply set includes two UAVs:
One equipped with daytime video-camera (parachute system optional).
Another one equipped with thermal image module (parachute system included).