DRAGONFLY-1603 main purpose is performing short range RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition) missions over hostile terri- tory both within and outside of line of sight from the ground station.


Weight 1.9 kg (with load – up to 2.9kg)
Opert ato ional range up to 12 km
Active operation time up to 30 min
Warhead up to 1 kg
Radio link frequency 433 MHz
Two cameras 1) satai tionary wih th turn n in aimn ing to a target (720 lines or HD 5Mp)
2) dynamic with 10x or 30x zoom and resolution of 15cm at 50m height and 50cm at 100m height
Camera field of view within 146…170 degrees
Warhead high-explosive and cumulative, weight - up to 1 kg
Battery Li-Pol/Li-Fe or Li-Ion, current – up to 4Ah, voltage – 14.8V