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Deftech Global Limited (DGL) is a trade and investment development agency in the field of exports and imports of wide range of products and services related to the special purpose goods and equipment. Our company offers qualified services on repair, modernization and life extension of the defence products and relevant devices.

Marketing and consulting

strategic markets survey in respect of investment opportunities into aerospace and critical technology and industries;

comparative analysis of direct investment projects in aerospace and critical technology and industries;

company positioning and pricing strategy development;

creating and maintenance of clients and suppliers pools.

Research & development

airborne radars and systems;

RF seeker heads;

air traffic control and surveillance ground radars;

RF and IR countermeasure systems and equipment for helicopters and aircraft;

convoy protection jammers;

high power microwave generators and systems;

rocket carriers and satellites research and solutions;

vulnerability studies of electronics.

Training of specialists

simulator training of helicopter and aircraft crews;

training of aircraft engineers;

training of customer’s personnel on the ground;

PHD students programs in laboratories and R&D institutes.

Team of Deftech Global Ltd. heartily welcomes you on our renovated web-site.

Established in 2012 Deftech Global Ltd. has evolved into a renowned world-wide supplier of a broad range of genuine aerospace, automotive and maritime goods and equipment. Additionally we are offering qualified services on repair, modernization / upgrade and life extension of the relevant products.

Deftech is closely connected to the leading Design Bureaus and OEMs of respective nomenclature in Ukraine and other post-Soviet and East European countries.

Deftech’s unique experience and reputation are based on its long-existing multinational ties with numerous customers all-around the globe both governmental and private, and willing, highly-professional team of employees with extensive backgrounds in different contiguous spheres and markets.

Deftech is a customer-oriented company, striving to build and maintain close relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

As a reliable partner we focus on delivering high-quality products and services adjusted to customer demands at competitive prices and within shortest periods. We are devoted to maintaining the highest standards and providing optimum solutions.

In the meantime, a new and important field of our activity concentrates on research & development of cutting edge technological designs and turnkey products. We strive to give maximum support to scientific works within the scope of our interests through targeted investment centered on clear view of customers’ ongoing and perspective needs.

Daily interaction with scientists and researchers, on the one hand, and analyzing current trends at international markets and consumer expectations on the other, create unique opportunities for breakthrough achievements.

We bring together applied scientific approach, modern production capabilities and essential human resources for significant practical results and successful progress.