UGT 45000-60000

New gas turbines UGT 45000 and UGT 60000 are under development stage to be used for power generations.
GTE-45 (rated power 45 MW) and GTE-60 (rated power 60 MW) are focused on new and retrofitted co-generation/ combine-cycle power plants.
GTE-60 well match for retrofit the existing boilers of steam capasity 500-600 t/h via build-in of gas-turbine unit and conversion steam-turbine cycle into combined cycle.

CycleUnit typePower, MWEfficiencyFuel consumption
electr.%BTU, kW;hgas (nm3/h)
Hu=8555 kcal/nm3
SimpleUGT 4500045.034.4992013150
CombinedUGT 45000CC166.150.8672013080

UGT 45000CC2132.250.8672026160
SimpleUGT 6000060.037.0922016300
CombinedUGT 60000CC183.852.1655016150

UGT 60000CC2167.652.1655032300
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