UGT 16000

CycleUnit typePower, MWEfficiencyFuel consumption
electr.therm.(fuel efficiency)gas (nm3/h)liquid, (kg/h)
%BTU, kW;hHu=8555 kcal/nm3Hu=10200 kcal/kg
SimpleUGT 1600015.0 (e)-30.01138050304220
CogenerationUGT 16000C15.0 (e)26.0 (t)30.0(e)/82.0(t)1138050304220
CombinedUGT 16000CC118.5-37.0922050304220

Two UGT 16000C power units Power station at Salekhard, UGT 16000CC1
at Mozyr Oil Refinery, Belarus Russia with one DJ59 and two "Aurora borealis" at Rubejnoye board mill, Ukraine.
UGT 16000 gas turbines with two UGT 16000C power units.
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