Survey dosimeter"RHYTHM-5".
In low cost instrument “Rhythm-5” the overall dimensions and weight are reduced in 4,7 times compared with instrument “Rhythm-1M”, and operability is simplified to maximum.
All, which is needed for operation with instrument is to push one button “On”. After that for 15 seconds works the background adaptation and automatic setting of threshold triggering. Usually threshold triggering is set at level 40…60 % of background (i.e. background increase by 0.04….0.06 µSv/h . New instrument “Rhythm-5” is easily placed in man’s handbag and in jacket pocket.
  In case of threshold crossing the sound signalling is operated – the built-in speaker. Pitch of sound is rising as far as approaching to source of radiation. All this enables possibility of survey not looking at LED ( liquid crystal display). Optionally, for purpose of covert surveillance the tactile indicator is set. For professional use there is available modification of instrument with external unit of detecting on telescopic arm.
The instrument operates from the built-in batteries or from external main source of power. The instrument is charged also from the main power. The life time of batteries makes up 18 hours ( in standby mode). There is provided voltage control of the batteries, discharge indicator and automatic disconnection in case of complete discharge. LCD backlight is also available.

Brief specifications of the instrument:
Measurement range of power of equivalent dose of gamma radiationFrom 0.01 to 19,99 µSv/ h
Operational range of energy of gamma-radiation0,05 ... 3 MeV
Material of DetectorInorganic scintillator with capacity of not less than 10 cm3
Sensitivity180 c-1/µSv/h(Cs137)
Time for setting up operational mode15 sec.
Response time for anomaly1 ... 3 sec.
Time for measuring dose rate5 sec.
Operating temperature range-20 ... + 50 °C
Mass of instrument330 g
Dimensions of instrument80×145×35

The Survey dosimeter"RHYTHM-5"has passed the State metrological certificationскачать dle 12.0