KDU-6BM is a state-of-the-art development replacing the outdated Soviet KDU-6B unit, which, unlike its predecessor, allows taking measurements ranging from background values, as well as more accurate determining of the direction towards the detected radiation source (four detecting units have been applied instead of two).
The product is a part of the ship’s life support system and is designed to collect, process, visualize information about radiation environment aboard and determine the direction towards the source of radiation in order to take measures on crew protection from ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination, and ship maneuvering in the area that has been exposed to radioactive contamination from nuclear weapons, man-triggered disasters or other reasons.

  • Display of measured gamma radiation DER from 4 detecting units is simultaneous and continuous.
  • Application of the intelligent detecting units.
  • Detecting units have the function of the integrated detectors efficiency control with generation of check information.
  • Three-color digital indicators of measurement results have been applied.
  • Ability to automatically switch from the basic power system to the backup one without information loss.
Key specifications of the detecting units
NameUnit of measurementStandardized values
Measurement range of gamma radiation DERµSv/h0.05 – 107
Main relative permissible error limit of DER measurement at 137Cs calibration with 0.95 confidence probability%±( 15+2/H*(10)),where H*(10) – is a numeric value of DER in µSv/h
Energy range of the detected gamma radiationMeV0.05 – 3.00
Energy dependence of measurement results of the detecting unit while gamma DER measurement within the energy range from 0.05 to 1.25 MeV%±30
Anisotropy of the detecting unit at gamma quanta incidence at angles from + 60o to -60o on horizontal and vertical planes with regard to the main measurement direction marked with “+” symbol, for 137Cs and 60Co isotopes does not exceed%± 30
Operating supply voltage range of the detecting unit from external stabilized power supplyV7 – 13
Useful current of the detecting unit for the whole range of the measured gamma radiation DER, not more thanmA30
Time of operating mode setting and measurement time of the detecting unit, not more thanmin3
Unstable readings of the detecting unit during 24 hours of continuous operation, not more than%5
Additional relative permissible error limit at measurement caused by environmental temperature change from – 40 to +60 оC%5 per each 10 оC of deviation from +20 оC

Interface RS-485
Dimensions of the detecting unit without fastening elements, not more thanmm100 х 80 х 250
Weight of the detecting unit without fastening elements, not more thankg0.5

Ingress protection rating IP57
Environment of use
– air temperatureоС-40 – +60
– relative humidityup to 100 % given +50 оС and lower temperatures with humidity condensation

Key specifications of the concentrator unit
NameUnit of measurementStandardized values according to specifications
Range of gamma radiation DER values displayµSv/h0.01 – 107
Time of operating mode setting, not more thanmin1
Time of continuoushrs24
Operating supply voltageV~220(50 Hz)
Power consumption, not more thanW25
Operating temperatures rangeoС0 – +40
Dimensions, not more thanmm390х390х175
Weight, not more thankg19

Ingress protection rating IP23
Environment of the concentrator unit use
– air temperatureoС0 – +40
– relative humidityup to 98 % given +40 oС and lower temperatures, non-condensing

The product provides for the two threshold levels of 0.3 ?Sv/h and 5 ?Sv/h. In case of exceeding, the concentrator unit changes the color of gamma radiation DER display, highlights the transparencies of the established direction towards the radiation source, and triggers audio alarm. If the value of the gamma radiation DER measured by any of the detecting units exceeds 5 ?Sv/h, the concentrator unit lights up “IN ZONE” transparency.

Delivery kit
  • BK concentrator unit, 1 pc.;
  • BDBG-6BM gamma radiation detecting unit, 4 pcs.;
  • The set of spare tools and accessories, 1 pc., including: BDBG-6BM detecting unit, BK-6BM.01 module, BK-6BM.02 module, BK-6BM.03 module, BK-6BM.04 module, passport, case;
  • Logbook;
  • Operating manual;
  • Package.
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