Gamma Sapiens

Gamma Sapiens is an innovative device that will turn your smartphone or tablet into dosimeter. From now on you can measure radiation remotely without putting yourself at risk of exposure! Gamma Sapiens dosimeter continuously transfers measurement results via Bluetooth to iPhone, iPad or smartphones and tablets running Android OS. With the help of GS Ecotest application this information is processed, displayed in a user-friendly way and stored in a special database. Gamma radiation detector has its own power supply, so it does not use the battery of smartphone or tablet.
Gamma Sapiens is calibrated after manufacture and conforms to the CE standards.

  • High dynamics and reliability of measurement results
  • Built-in Geiger-Muller counter of high sensitivity (it takes just 10-15 s to quickly evaluate normal radiation background level)
  • Communication with the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth
  • Transfer of dosimetric information to the smartphone/tablet in real time
  • LED-based alarm of connection with the smartphone/tablet LED-based alarm of the battery discharge
  • Wide operating temperature range – from -18 °С to +50 °С (0°F to 122°F)
  • Ingress protection rating – ІР30
  • Power supply – two ААА batteries

Measurement range of gamma radiation DER0,1 – 5000 µSv/h
Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement with confidence probability of 0.95 (calibrated relative to 137 Cs)25+2/Н*(10)%, where H*(10) is a numeric value of the measured DER in µSv/h
Measurement range of gamma radiation DE0,001 – 9999 mSv
Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DE measurement with confidence probability of 0.9525%
Energy range of registered gamma radiation0,05 – 3,00 MeV
Energy dependence of the detector readings at gamma radiation DER and DE measurements in the energy range from 0.05 MeV to 1.25 MeV±25%
Range of the Bluetooth interface for connection with the smartphone/tablet, not less than5 m
Battery life (ENERGIZER AAA 2 of 1280 mAh capacity) under natural background radiation conditions, not less than60 hours
General operating supply voltage of the detector from two AAA batteries3,0 V
Dimensions, not more than19х40х95 mm
Weight without batteries, not more than0,05 kg
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