Whole body spectrometer "SICh-AKP"

Whole body spectrometer “Sich-AKP” is designed for measurement of inhalation constituent on internal whole body emission and can be used as means for individual staff monitoring.
PURPOSEWhole body spectrometer “Sich-AKP” is designed for measurement of inhalation constituent on internal whole body emission and can be used as means for individual staff monitoring.
 Whole body spectrometers «SICh-AKP» available in four versions, depend on tasks of the End User:
  • «SICh-AKP»-1
  • «SICh-AKP»-2
  • «SICh-AKP»-3
  • «SICh-AKP»-T
Base set:
  • An arm-chair with shielding.
  • NaJ (TI) detection units.
  • Lead shielding for the detectors.
  • Supply and detector signal registration gear.
  • Personal IBM-compatible computer with printer.
  • “AKWin” software.
  • Control sample.
Additionally can be supplied :
  • CsI+NaJ (TI) detection units.
  • Information system of database operation.
  • Detectors of different geometries.
Namedimensions detectionnumber detectionMDA by 137Cs confidence probability=0.96, time=300 snote
«SICh-AKP»-1ø 150х1001210External background is not more, than 12 µR/h, Р=0,95
«SICh-AKP»-2ø 120х502≤120
«SICh-AKP»-3ø 120х80290
ø 76х761
«SICh-AKP»-Tø 63х631500Тransport

Registered energy range, MeV:
for two-detectors system0.2÷2000
for three-detectors system0.06÷2000
Lead shielding for the detectors, thickness, mm50
Energy resolution by 0.661 MeV, %8.5
Integral nonlinearity, %0.9

MDA by 137Cs, at 40K presence=120 Bq (confidence probability=0.96, time=300 s), Bq
for two-detectors system≤180
for three-detectors system≤140
Number of analyzer channel1024÷2048
Operation condition determination time, min5
Continued operation time, hours24
Power supply220V, 50Hz
Power consumption, Wt250
Average operation time for a failure, hours6000

It is possible to register 241Am, 131I, 137Cs, 40K, 60Co and other radionuclides.
Information system of database operation lets calculate yearly coming in of radionuclides and dose loads by the three modelsскачать dle 12.0