BDPN-07 detecting unit is designed to search for neutron radiation sources and measure thermal and fast neutrons flux density. It is used both as a part of the MKS-07 POSHUK search dosimeter-radiometer and within automated systems of radiation monitoring.

Measurement range of thermal neutron flux densityN/(cm2?min)10 – 105
Measurement range of fast neutron flux densityN/(cm2?min)10 – 105
Main relative permissible error limit of thermal and fast neutron flux density measurement when calibrated for Pu-Be with 0.95 confidence probability%20+200/N,where N is a numeric value of measured neutron flux density
Registered neutron energy rangeeV0.025 – 14·106

Neutron radiation sensitivity of:
-fast neutrons(pulse?cm2)/4.5
-thermal neutrons(neutron)13.0
Maximum gamma radiation exposure dose rate that does not introduce additional error in measurement of neutrons flux densitymR/h10.0
Operating temperature range°С-25…+55
Additional permissible error limit of measurement, caused by ambient temperature change from -25 to +55 °C%5 per each 10 °C
deviation from 20 °C
Dimensions of the detecting unit with the main moderatormm?76?195
Dimensions of the detecting unit with the protective capmm?76?175
Dimensions of the additional moderatormm215?295?270
Weight of the detecting unit with the main moderatorkg0.8


* without the telescopic tube clamp of 0.125 kg weight

Delivery Kit
  • BDPN-07 detecting unit of neutron radiation (with the main moderator);
  • additional moderator;
  • protective cap;
  • telescopic tube fastening clamp;
  • operating manual;
  • packing box.
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