BDPA-07 detecting unit of alpha radiation is used both as a part of the MKS-07 POSHUK search dosimeter radiometer and within automated systems of radiation monitoring of ECOTEST trademark developed by our company. BDPA-07 alpha radiation detector is supplied to the customers after metrological testing.
Detecting unit is intended for search for alpha radiation sources and measurement of surface alpha-particles flux density. Attach BDPA-07 alpha radiation detector to the telescopic tube and this will help you find alpha radiation sources promptly when inspecting large objects. Counters in corona discharge mode are used in BDPA-07. The unit can easily operate in wide temperate range – from minus 25 up to plus 55 degrees Celsius. Weight of the detecting unit is 0,65 kg.

Measurement range of surface alphaparticles flux density1/(cm2 χ min)1 – 105
Main relative permissible error limit of surface alpha-particles flux density measurement when calibrated for 239Pu with 0.95 confidence probability%15+10/А,where A is a numeric value of measured surface alpha flux density
Energy range of registered alpha radiationMeV4.0 – 8.0
Detector_counters in corona     discharge mode
Mica thicknessµm10 – 11
Alpha-particles detection efficiency%24 – 32
Window areacm221
Operating temperature range°С-25…+55
Maximum gamma radiation exposure dose rate that does not introduce additional error in measurement of surface alpha-particles flux densitymR/h10.0
Additional permissible error limit of measurement, caused by ambient temperature change from -25 to +55 °C measurement%5 per each 10 °C
deviation from 20 °C
Dimensions of the detecting unit *mm?104?50
Weight of the detecting unit *kg0.65
* without the telescopic tube holder of 0.036 kg weight

Delivery Kit
  • BDPA-07 detecting unit of alpha radiation
  • Operating manual
  • Logbook
  • Packing box
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