Gamma Spectrometers | SEG-001 “AKP-S”- 63

SEG-001-“AKP”-S-63 is designed for determination of qualitative and quantitative composition of gamma emitted radionuclides (131I,  103Ru,  106Ru,   144Ce,  137Cs,  134Cs,  226Ra,  232Th,  40K,  222Rn,  131I,  103Ru,  106Ru,  144Ce and others.)
Expert and express Radiation control and Radiation monitoring of foodstuff, water, milk, meat, rice, herb, cereal, seafood, building materials and other environmental samples according to the any national regulation
Approved by IAEA

The gamma-spectrometers  SEG-001-“AKP”-S-63 are designed for determination of qualitative and quantitative composition of radionuclides in samples and are used for measure of specific activity of the wide set of gamma emitted radionuclides: (131I, 103Ru, 106Ru, 144Ce, 137Cs, 134Cs, 226Ra, 232Th, 40K, 222Rn 131I, 103Ru, 106Ru, 144Ce and others).

  • scintillation intelligent detection unit NaI(TI) 63x63 mm
  • passive low-background detector shield 5 cm
  • “AKWin” software for spectrometer control and automatic spectra processing
  • Set of cables
  • Operation manual
  • personal IBM-compatible computer with printer (notebook);

Energy range of gamma-rays, MeV0.1÷3
Energy resolution by 0.661 MeV (137Cs), %<9
Integral nonlinearity, %<1
Max. input load, s-1≥104

MDA by external background 15 mR/h by 1 hour exposition in Marinelly vessel 1l, Bq
Number of analyzer channels, not less than1024
Operating condition determination time, min30
Continued operation time, hours24
Power supply220V, 50Hz
Power consumption250Wt

The spectrometer allows determine the wide gamma-emission radionuclides set.
Shield design is convenient in operation and transportation.  The instrument can be used as for expert measurements and for express-control for not exceeding of permissible levels during the very short time-minutes and seconds.

Detector (mm)63*63
Sample volume (l)1.000.14
Permissible levels (Bq/l, Bq/kg)Time of measurement (sec)

This instrument can be use in mobile and in regular laboratories
                    You can use this equipment in laboratory or in car - put it on luggage rack. The platform of shield allow fix it on the floor of mobile laboratory. Detector unite have the cable that allow to connect it with any notebook or PC
  *The permissible levels in the table are for Ukraine regulation. The software “AkWin” allow you to change them according any national regulation.
The possibility of automatic transfer measuring result to your database.

Main possibilities of software “AKWin”:
“AKWin” software is designed for control of measurements and automatic spectra processing. “AKWin” software lets minimum skilled operators make routine measurements and at the same time is a universal means for professionals who conduct nuclear researches.
  • Measurement control
  • Spectrums treatment
  • Documentation of proceeding results
  • Possibility to transfer report to standard editor Providing of spectrometer calibration
  • Possibility of work with radionuclides library
  • Providing of measurement quality
  • Possibility to data transfer to database
  • Possibility to provide automatic analysis of not exceeding permissible level of radionuclides in food.
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