It is designed for determination of qualitative and quantitative composition of gamma-emission radionuclides in field and in laboratory conditions, search of radioactive sources and anomalies, gamma-survey of surface.
Radiometric and spectrometric instrument PRS – 01 is created taking into account the IAEA recommendations stated in the IAEA TECDOC-1312, (2002) “Detection of Radioactive Material at Borders”, which was jointly sponsored by IAEA, WCO, EUROPOL, and INTERPOL, and UNECE document “Recommendations on Monitoring and Response Procedures for Radioactive Scrap Metal”.

PRS can be used for:
  • Radiation monitoring of vehicles, people and luggage;
  • Radiation monitoring of scrap metal;
  • Conduction of radiation monitoring;
  • Application in emergency situations;
  • Determination of surface contamination by gamma-radionuclides (ground and other surfaces);
  • Upon installation into fixed additional shielding and metrological certification it can be used as laboratory spectrometer.
  • High sensitivity to radiation rate changes;
  • Quick reaction to radiation rate changes;
  • Visual imaging and signalization of control results, simplicity in operation
  • Portable recorder of spectra PRS-01
  • USB 2.0 cable with ferrite ring
  • USB HUB with power adapter
  • Bag for packing
  • Belt
  • Collimator
  • Tripod
  • Case for tripod
  • Accumulator 7.2 V 3000mАh
  • Battery charger L-1410
  • Headphones
  • Installation CD with special software
  • Measuring vessels "Marinelli" – 0.5l
  • Set of technical documentation
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