Digital Cable Modem Ethernet M-1201

Modem is designed to construct a high­speed duplex digital link between remote de­vices with Ethernet-interface. Modem includes SHDSL-port, 4 Ethernet 10BASE-T/100Base- TX ports and a port with RS-232-interface.
Linear interface SHDSL complies with ITU- T G.991.2.bis recommendations and is used for transmitting TCPAM coding sets. Modem can mul­tiplex two SHDSL channels in one logical channel (four-wire mode) to increase ranging at the cost of decrease in speed on the channel without de­crease of total speed.
Provides connection of analog telephone in MB for organization of communication. Power supply of remote SHDSL regenerators.
Controlling from the front panel (keyboard + display with menu system) from PC through RS-332 or Ethernet using telnet.

SHDSL-interface parameters:
-  SHDSL port parameters comply with ITU-T G.991.2.bis recommendations
-  Number of channels: 1
-  Connection type: point-to-point
-  Operation mode: two-wires, four-wires
-  Cable type: P-296, P-274M 
Linear code: CPAM
Data transfer speed range, kBps: from 192 to 11392
Step of data transfer speed change, kBps: 64
Link mode: full-duplex
Ethernet interface parameters:
-   Parameters of the Ethernet interface comply with the recommended IEEE 802.3u
-   Number of ports: 4
-   Support: AUTO-MDIX for 10/100 MB
-   Ethernet IEEE 802.3x flow control for full-duplex mode
-   Back pressure flow control for half-duplex mode
-   Built-in 10/100M6 switch
-   Support Ethernet multicasting, broadcasting, flooding control
-   Port-based VLAN
Power supply
-AC (from 187 to 242V, frequency from 43 to 65 Hz. Nominal value 220V, 50 Hz)
-DC (from 18 to 36V. Nominal value 27 V)
Operating temperature range: -30°C... +50°C
Overall dimensions (LWH): 482x349x106 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Operation life: not less than 20 years
Mean-time-between-failures: not less than 10000 hours.скачать dle 12.0