Charging Unit C -1004

Charging Unit C -1004 is designed to provide charge, discharge and testing up to three accumula­tor batteries simultaneously of manpack VHF tactical radio P-005Y in the field and stationary conditions.

Charging Unit Modes of Operation:

The charge of accumulator batteries is per­formed by direct current. The value of charging current is from 1,5 to 2,5A. Maximum charging time - 7 hours. In "discharge" mode, accumulator batteries discharge with subsequent automatic transition into "charge" mode.


Types of accumulator batteries:
-  nickel cadmium battery with rated voltage 24V and capacity 5 A/h;
-  lithium-ion battery with rated voltage 28,8V and capacity 7,8 A/h;
Power supplying
Power supplying is realized by AC network with rated voltage 220V in the range from 180 to 264V and frequency 50 Hz with extreme deviations from 45 to 63 Hz.
Temperature range: 0°C.. ..+50°C
Overall dimension (Length-Width-Height): 470x360x190 mm. Weight: 15kg.
Operation life is not less 20 years. Mean-time-between-failures is not less than 10000 hoursскачать dle 12.0