Container For Integrate Communication Facilities

Container for on-board Integrate Com­munication Facilities (hereinafter referred to as shelter) is intended for communication equipments placement, carrying and opera­tion in field conditions.
Shelter cannot be used for personnel accommodation on the move. All life support systems needed for person­nel to operate the Integrated Communication Facilities are installed in shelter.
There are a lighting, a heating and an air-conditioning systems. Shelter is equipped with backup system for powering communication equipments and life support systems. There are a special filter-ventilation unit and a light­ing blackout also.
There are fastener systems on the roof for holding and transportation of two masts for R-450 station . Shelter provides HF shielding not less 30 dB in frequency range 150 kHz to 1 000 kHz and not less 60 dB in frequency range 1 MHz to 1 GHz.
Shelter's outer cable terminations that are used for secure communication and for unclassified communication are separated.
Shelter is designed for around-the-clock and day-after-day operation.
The complete set of necessary tools and accessories that are required for shelter's maintenance and opera­tion are delivered together with shelter.
Shelter's installation and operation is stipulated on any automobile body similar to ZIL-131. Shelter's transportation can be carried out by aviation, automobile, railway and sea transports. Materials and coverings used for shelter's production ensure explosion safety and fire resistance.

-   Admissible surface loading on floor-up to 300 kg/m ;
-   Admissible surface loading on roof-up to 200 kg/m ;
-   Temperature range is from - 40° C to + 65° C;
-   There are remote controls for life support systems;
-   Filter ventilation unit's production - not less 120 cubic meters per hour;
-   The temperature range inside the shelter is +15° C to+35° C;
-   Air heating inside the shelter kept up is not less 15° C at external temperature is - 30° C;
-   AS: 220 V and 50 Hz and feeds from permanent power network or from electric generator;
-   Power consumption - not more 2 kW;
-   Standby battery voltage-24 V;
-   Standby batteries for powering communication equipments and life support systems are separated;
-   Battery life - not less 30 minutes;
-   Length - not more 3 900 mm;
-   Width - not more 2 650 mm;
-   Height - not more 2 300 mm;
-   Weight - not more 1 500 kg;
-   Operation life is not less 20 years;
-   Warranty period - 3 years.скачать dle 12.0