Basic Information And Communications Package (BICP)

Basic Information and Communications Package (BICP)- main element of an informa­tion management network for tactical units, which gives the commander the following ca­pabilities of information and communication:
  • common information database of all the interacting entities
  • GPS navigation and movement control the of mobile objects (weapons, military equipment, certain military person­nel)
  • exchange of command textual information
  • preparation of solutions and analysis of the situation on the electronic map (diagram) of area
  • automated personnel alert system
  • units management with use of information possibilities of modern computer technology on the march and at pre­defined positions
BICP can be used by any species of troops as a basis for the construction of a tactical information network manage­ment and integration into a unified information environment of specialized computational tasks and earlier imple­mented information systems.скачать dle 12.0