Complex Communication Facility (ccf)

Multipurpose Communication Utility Shed is in­tending for: providing of radio relay communication, wire communication;
Automatic dial switching and routing of digital streams between Integrated Communication Facilities of control centers, between the communication centers of the control point of higher and subordinate head­quarters;
Organizing (deployment) user networks of tele­phone communications and data transmission;
Communications network management;
Providing of telecommunication services to op­erational staff on the control post of all Armed Forces administration units, other military formations and spe­cial assignment of law-enforcement bodies in all kinds of battle, special operation, and also under the peace­time conditions along the channels, which are formed by different communication facilities.
functioning of Operator's Automated Workplace of control apparatus that fitted with official telephone commu­nication equipments, protected by personal computer and corresponding software;
telephone, facsimile and telegraph communication and data transmitting between communication centers for both to the tactical and to the highest management levels;
possibility of connection with the field (mobile) and stationary complexes of apparatus for the automatic control of armed forces and ensures intercommunication at the control posts;
deployment and possibility of simultaneous working of four radio relay communication lines between Inte­grated Communication Facilities and Command Post automation;
deployment of two directions of wire communication lines with using symmetrical main cable type P-296 be­tween Control Post's Integrated Communication Facilities, command purpose vehicle (KSHM) on BMP-1KSHM base;
deployment of two directions with the use of field fiber optic cable;
possibility of security for batch flows by wire and by radio relay communication lines with installing of group classifying digital equipment sets into the instrument room according additional requirement;
deployment on Control Post the user telephone network with capacity: up to forty eight analog two wire tele­phone sets with the tone or pulse collection, up to forty eight digital ISDN telephone sets;
deployment, networking and functioning support of local area network (two directions);
routing of data flows, association of Operator's Automated Workplace place into the local area network.
The configuration of Multipurpose Communication Utility Shed equipment is basic and has ability to expansion with additional communication means (for creation of secure communication, data transferring and etc.).скачать dle 12.0